Music Projects

National Geographic "Genius" Competition

One of my most recent compositions, Genius was an entry into the National Geographic “Show us your genius” competition. The objective of the competition was to submit your own version of the main theme for the show Genius by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe. The piece was created in Cubase Elements using several high end VST’s. I structured the piece into three parts. The first bit to fade into the piece with an abrupt end and melody change, the middle with the buildup, and the end to fade off. Each section was intended to have and entirely different feel but also be related enough to come together as one. This I feel, gave the piece a bit of diversity and kept it fast paced. The piece was made only about a minute long since it was composed as an intro/main titles for a TV show. Although I did not win the grand prize for the competition, I had a good time composing it and developed some new techniques along the way.

Evolution (Experimental Production)

This piece was an experimental composition created on an iPad in MusicStudio. It was intended to go along with a video but the full project has been put off due to limited free time. The video was going to be about human impact on the planet and was intended to create awareness. The music was developed around the idea of the video. For example, at 1:04, staccato strings start in such a way that conveys speed. This area of the video would have shown areal time lapses of forests being cleared, developments built, pollution, etc.

Overload (Experimental Production)

This was another experimental composition created on an iPad in MusicStudio. In this piece, I played with the idea of combining an orchestral style melody with a contemporary drum beat. This was a new style I was exploring after I played with the concept in earlier pieces. I liked this style a lot and would like to revisit it on the new Cubase platform soon. This piece is one of the most polished and mastered from the pre-Cubase piece list.

Closed System (Muse Isolated System Cover)

This piece was a slightly modified cover of the song Isolated System by Muse. Enjoying the melody of the original very much, I ended up developing new embellishments on top of the existing one. This is most prevalent near the end of the song. This piece took a lot of reverb and sustain effect tweaking to get the sound exactly how I wanted. The experience from creating this piece was used in many of the pieces I made after.