Website Projects

Radical Creation

The Radical Creation website started as a website for me to document and share my projects. As development started, I decided to make it a community site where people could post replies to my posts as well as post their own projects. Taking this idea a step further, members are required to list three areas of knowledge. With this, other members can browse the member list if they are looking to solve a problem in a specific area and contact a member who is knowledgeable in that area. The site itself required advanced html with css, as well as some PHP and javascript. Additionally, the forums are run on a SQL database which was also setup. Since the site’s launch, it has gained over 150 users, 125 project posts, and 5 projects with free plans/code downloads. The site still grows at a rate of about one new member per week.

Serpent Boards

The Serpent Boards website was created as a company site for Serpent Boards. At first, the site is just a placeholder with a homepage featuring a live Instagram feed, a store page shell, support page, faq page, and custom contact form page. Since Serpent Boards is still developing products, the store portion is not yet implemented. Developing this site, I dove a bit deeper into javascript for the sticky header, soft hover transitions, and the Instagram feed. The site is also fully responsive, working flawlessly on any device. It’s clean appearance and simplistic layout was designed to have a similar feel to that of apple or tesla.