Music makes up a large portion of my life. I find myself listening to it while I work, relax, and fall asleep. I have a great appreciation for high quality music reproduction and have high end speakers and headphones wherever I go. Additionally, I create music in my spare time. Most of it would be classified as classical or orchestral music and it is mostly experimental and just for fun. I also have played many instruments. I started playing violin at an early age, followed by saxophone and piano. I also enjoy tinkering with audio equipment such as tube amplifiers, pre-amps, and other analog systems.


You'll find me spending almost all my free time working on projects. A typical project ranges from a simple one or two-day project two several month or year long projects. Every project I work on gets more and more advanced as I cultivate design, prototyping and manufacturing knowledge. One of my latest and most advanced projects is the electric longboard project. I have been working on it for a little over a year now and it has exposed me to the world of injection molding, PCB design and manufacturing, CNC machining, and advanced electrical communication systems to name a few. The end goal of this project is to launch into one of my startup companies. I have done so many projects, I started an entire website in 2015 dedicated to documenting and sharing some of the best ones. It itself grew into quite the project and is still operating as a community project/idea sharing site. Feel free to look at it HERE


Ever since I started college, longboarding became a convenient and enjoyable means of transportation. It cut down the time between classes and flying down parking garages late at night was a fun way to clear my mind. Then I discovered the newly emerging world of electric longboards or e-boards for short. This opened a whole new world of possibilities. Not only could you go faster where there were no hills, but you also had the ability to slow down fast and controllably. This in combination with my obsessive engineering tendencies went hand and hand. So I began one of the most ambitious projects yet, building the most powerful, reliable and customizable electric longboard possible.

Weight Lifting

"Healthy body, healthy mind." That's what they say. I usually go to the gym every weekday and sometimes on weekends. Weightlifting presents a way to clear my mind and do good for my body. In ancient Greece, gymnasiums were a gathering place to come together and discuss, debate, and problem solve. Although this is not entirely the case today, the gym still remains a great social environment to go and let off some steam.